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Elizabeth Jasmine

Good Morning, Good evening , Good night to anyone who is reading this! My name is Elizabeth. I’m a youtuber and aspiring spiritual teacher and healer. I am 22 years old , and I recently graduated University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Integrative Neuroscience, with a minor in Africana Studies/Global Studies. I use not only my knowledge of Spiritual Healing techniques, but also my background in neuroscience to aid you in mental , physical, and spiritual healing. My heritage of Native American via my mother’s lineage and Trinidadian via my father’s lineage, has always allowed me maintained a very strong spiritual connection via the transfer of spiritual knowledge and healing techniques from my family on both sides. From a young age, I was introduced to spiritual techniques such as meditation , by attending buddhist temple with my mother and going on countless Buddhist spiritual cleaning retreats in my younger years. Growing in Southern Louisiana, and then moving to New York to pursue my bachelors degree has shaped my outlook on life and has allowed me to meet and learn from hundreds of individuals from many different walks of life. I currently am pursuing my MD to become a licensed psychiatrist and open my own practice which will incorporate spiritual and herbalist technqiues to my medical practice.