Break Ups

Sometimes we have to revisit old feelings to fully process them.

Especially when the event was before our spiritual awakening.

After, you really start to understand the importances of energy blockages , and how not processing the emotions when they come, can create tension in the heart center.

Right now i’m reading the Untethered Soul ( as well as two other books, classic Gemini lol) which goes into the concept of “unblocking” the heart. Allow these feelings to resurface, feel them, and release them. The more we try to push our feelings down, the deeper were digging the hole of the wound. Let the infection rise to the surface.

This can be as easy as rewriting the event throughly. Look at all the details. Or you can retell the event to a friend. Either way, we might sense the emotions building and building like it was yesterday.

Let them boil over.

We have to feel to then release.

Elizabeth Jasmine