Watching the OA for the second time.

I watched the show “The OA” on netflix for the first time within the first year it came out. I watched it with my mom at home. While I enjoyed it , I took it for what it was and I didn’t think too much of it like a TV show.

After going through my spiritual awakening then watching it, I see it completely different.

The show talks about different dimensions, angels, guardians. Its super interesting to watch another person’s theory about the afterlife.

While the show may not be completely accurate, it does shed light on a topic that is much discussed in the spiritual community, but ignored by others: the idea that this is not the only dimension to exist.

Personally, I have always believed that we are not alone. I think the belief that Earth is the only planet to hold life, within all the galaxies, all the solar systems, is naive to say the least. How does one limit God’s power to such a small space?

I can’t wait to dive more into my practice and my journey to read more so that I can develop my own theories. But I’ve aways known that this is a sensory experience, a reality of projected consciousness . I remember thinking about this as a child, wondering if any of this was real.

I’m so grateful to have awakened spiritually, because there are so many others who not only share these beliefs, but also have created theories on them, found tangible evidence.

I’m so excited to share more ideas with you.