I use what I learned while obtaining my undergraduate degree ( Bachelors in Integrative Neuroscience) about dreams , some resources that I have to aid in decoding dreams, and my intuition to get a feeling of your current energy and how that’s been affecting your subconscious/ your dreams.


Include any other info that you think is important to your circumstance.

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Elizabeth’s interpretation of my dream resonated with me so much. She asked me questions about my situation that really made me think hard about what I am currently going through. I got emotional reading through it . :’) Her interpretation was very clear thorough, and detailed. I love Liz and the work that she does. She is such a light in my life. If you book her you will NOT be disappointed. She will bring you the clarity you are looking for!

Today, I received a dream interpretation from Liz and I really did love it. I had a dream about someone that made me worry about my physical and spiritual safety. I had an idea of what it could mean but the uncertainty of my discernment made me uneasy. I reached out to Liz in hopes that she could help me truly figure out what this could mean and she did just that. She responds without evoking fear or worry but instead with words that give you the confidence to listen to your intuition, to strengthen your discernment, and to trust in your spiritual guides. If you’re questioning if you should get a reading from Liz, I 100% recommended it. She is all around amazing.

First of all I want to thank Elizabeth for taking the time out to assist with a dream that has been bothering me for like ever lol. Not only did you help me gain clarity though my dream interpretation but you also gave me tools and guidance to help resolve the issue once and for all and for that you are the best!! I will be coming back to you for your angel guidance service. Love and Light <3